6 essential comfort items every stylish man should own

In the late 2010s, a new way of dressing appeared. It ditched the old fashioned rules of menswear and embarked on its own path of comfort, combining the elegance of sportswear with existing wardrobe staples.

Technical jacket

Technical outerwear is more about the fabric than the style. ‘Technical fabric’ is lightweight yet windproof, breathable but waterproof – it will support you (figuratively and literally) whether you’re caught up in a blizzard or a sweltering train carriage asphyxiation or not

Such materials are usually polyester or nylon blends, sometimes with a light sheen or possibly a ripstop texture. They’re often designed with light, spring-friendly looks like a hooded raincoat, bomber jacket or sports jacket, all of which are perfect to wear as part of a sporty look.

tailoring jogger pants

It’s not always easy to find tailor-made sweatpants, but once you have them in your hand, you won’t want to take them off.Far more refined than the baggy joggers you’re probably used to, these tracksuits have a tighter fit that narrows at the ankle for a sleeker silhouette. . This allows them to be paired with smarter pieces – think cashmere knits, long-sleeve polo shirts and chic bomber jackets – for that much-needed high-low aesthetic for sports clothes.

When searching for your perfect pair of pants, look out for secure side pockets, wide drawstring waistband, and tapered cut.

Sweater with buckle

When it comes to sports, any close-cut sweater will work. But for those with a more nostalgic feel, try designing a quarter zipper with a funnel-shaped or snap-on neck.

Comfortable and easy to wear, they work just as well as a middle layer (try one underneath a smart jacket or even an unstructured blazer) as well as when they work on their own over a t-shirt.

Look for one made from a medium-weight cotton shirt and you really can’t go wrong.

Cardigan with zipper

A zippered cardigan is a great, premium alternative to your zippered hoodie. Leaning slightly on the smarter side, it’s perfect for sporty looks, especially if you opt for one made from a premium material like merino wool or cashmere.

Customizable on demand, try teaming a pair of woolen drawstring and button-down Oxford trousers during the work week, then wear it over a toned t-shirt and sweatpants for a look. look cool on the weekend easily.

Running shoes

We’re not talking about high-tech running shoes here. Instead, we’re referring to the classic retro style shoes that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

Offering technical features with a slightly simpler aesthetic, they often feature waffle bases, minimal branding, and a variety of classic color schemes, making them perfect for setting the page apart. sportswear in a different color.

White sneakers

It’s hard to go wrong with white sneakers. The most versatile and wearable of all trainer styles, this neat icon is a favorite with everyone for its timeless, simple design trends.

Today, white shoes come in all sizes from big and oversized to sleek and compact, so there’s always something for every taste. If you want to add a touch of difference to your outfit, try a pair of canvas for a nostalgic feel or models with suede detailing/walls for a more classy feel for a vintage look

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