Pink chia breakfast with kefir

Healthy breakfasts!!! I love preparing these different little cups, with special textures, colors and flavors. I love putting grated lime on them and sometimes I even pour a splash of lime juice on top… I love acid flavors and also passion fruit, the flavor of coconut… Come on, I have a fine little snout :DDDD I’m thinking I can do something for you with coconut milk.

East “Pink chia breakfast with kefir” It’s brutal. What we are going to do is mix these two ingredients with raspberries and thus give it that wonderful touch of color and flavor. In addition, liquid kefir yogurt is rich in probiotics that facilitate digestion and also strengthen your defenses… it couldn’t be better.

I hope you enjoy them and prepare them. They are not complicated at all and they are going to solve very rich breakfasts and snacks for you. I will try other rich crushed with fruits and I will share them with you. Happy week everyone.

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Pink chia and kefir breakfast

Recipe type: breakfasts.

  • For the pink breakfast:
  • 125-150g raspberries
  • 50g brown sugar or 4 pitted Medjoul dates or sweetener to taste
  • 500 g Kefir yogurt -probiotic-
  • 70g chia seeds
  • Also, add fruit when serving:
  • Fresh or dried strawberries, blueberries, currants, grated lime
  1. Put the raspberries and the sugar or dates in the glass and mash 15 seconds in progressive speed 5-7-9.
  2. Add the yogurt and chia seeds and beat 10 seconds at speed 4. Lower the remains of the walls, add to the glass what may have been left on the lid and stir to finish integrating everything.
  3. Pour into a container with a lid and keep overnight in the fridge for the seeds to hydrate. The next day, serve, prepare some glasses -mine are the WECK Quadro 290 ml from BERLIN PACKAGING and the WECK Juice bottles-, add if you want a base of two tablespoons of yogurt with cut fruits, then add the pink chia, place more fruits on top to your liking or even decorate with oat flakes and grate a little lime. Ready to enjoy.

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